CSA Box Toaster Oven Personal Pumpkin Seeds

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
pumpkin seeds

If your CSA farmer provides you with a tiny pumpkin and like us you can’t live in a world without a toaster oven, toaster oven pumpkin seeds are for you.

Our CSA farmer told me that someone told her to soak the pumpkin seeds first, so we did. Made up a little briny water bath with a good pinch of Kosher salt and let the seeds hang out about an hour. Then, into a strainer to shake out the water and onto a half sheet for an overnight in the fridge. That way they’re ready for a crisp fall morning breakfast treat.

As you stumble around the kitchen looking for the coffee filters set your toaster oven at 450°F, dump the dry seeds onto the little toaster oven pan and drizzle some oil over them. Any oil. Sprinkle with Kosher salt. The little brine they sat in won’t make them salty, it’ll just clean them up.

Roast the seeds about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, and do not wander off. Just drink your coffee and listen to them sizzle as the oil gets hot. Be thankful for whatever iDevices you enjoy.

When they look roasted to you they are roasted. You’ll see them turning toward doneness; just don’t let them burn (unless you like them burned). Add salt to taste, or anything else in the spice rack that appeals to you. We like hot stuff with hot coffee, so some cayenne is nice. Or, keep them pure and hide them from everyone so you’ll have a few for cocktails this evening.

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