crock pot chicken

Crockpot Smoked Chicken from our book Cheater BBQ brings the outdoor pit into the kitchen, but without the backyard struggle.

The hobo crock method was inspired by R.B.’s Boy Scout camp-out foil hobo pack cuisine. Cheater hobo crock meats take advantage of this simple method for infusing foods with flavor and trapping moisture. Meats are wrapped with seasonings and liquid smoke and placed in a covered slow cooker.

The cool thing is that you won’t open the pack to find a pile of soggy skin and bones as you might expect. The chicken maintains its structure, browns on top, and is easily pulled apart, just like pulled pork barbecue.

Indoors or out, the only issue between us is over the grade of aluminum foil. R.B. requires heavy duty–one of those barbecue guy things. Min uses the thinner, everyday stuff because she knows the meat juices will leak anyway so who cares that the cheaper foil springs a hole or two.

A platter of crock pot smoked chicken sets the scene for a New Mex fest with pintos and Mindy’s Mexi Cuke Salad, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cold cold beers, and warm torts.

A couple other of our go-to chicken favorites: Shelf Chicken is the answer to fantastic gas grill chicken and Pulled Chicken with Alabama White Sauce never fails.crock pot chicken

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