Build Your Own Tex-Mex Feast with Crock-Pot Chile Verde Pulled Pork and Mindy’s Mexi-Cuke Salad is a hot-cool flavor explosion to go with.

Mexi Cuke Salad

Make-ahead party menus are a Cheater Chef favorite. Relaxed hosts absolutely guarantee party success (although a couple of good guests help a lot). It’s that simple. And Crock-Pot Chile Verde Pulled Pork with these cool-hot Mexi-Cukes are the bomb with any Tex-Mex and New Mex menu.

Whenever the weather warms and cold season cooking begins to fade, keep in mind that last-minute patio grilling isn’t the only option. Your slow cooker is a year-round champ for getting great meals prepared. So, consider an everything-is-ready-early fabulous Tex-Mex feast with a centerpiece of spicy Crockpot Chile Verde Pulled Pork. The pork butt is slow-cooked with tomatillos and pickled jalapeños rich in the crock. It’s just short of a miracle how these two tart ingredients enhance and infuse the meat with terrific flavor in the same manner as vinegary barbecue sauce. Both products are easy to find in the Mexican section of the supermarket. Use the canned jalapeño peppers labeled “en escabeche” which are flavored with carrots and onions. Dump the whole can into the Crock-Pot with the pork.

Now, crowd the table with stacks of flour and corn tortillas, chips, and all kinds of fresh sides and condiments for build-your-own lively fun. Think fresh pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, pinto beans, pickled cucumbers and onions, mashed avocado, fresh sliced hot peppers, salsas, olives, and shredded cheeses. Use whatever you like with emphasis on plentiful and colorful. It loosens up the table to have everyone reaching, creating their own perfect bites, and having just a little more.

Turn the idle grilling area into the bar or space for overflow dishes. Stir up and chill down pitchers of your signature sangria or margarita punch. There’s no need for the blender. And ice down some crisp Mexican lager with a bowl of lime wedges and hot sauce.

chile verde pork

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