Cornbread Sheet Cake. It’s Cake not Sweet Cornbread.

by Min Merrell
cornmeal cake

Cornbread Sheet Cake really is a cake, not cornbread.

I’ve heard plenty of southerner folks announce that cornbread made with sugar IS NOT CORNBREAD, it is called cake! I’m the first one to keep the sugar bowl away from the cornbread batter, but I’ll change my thinking when making cake. 

Cornbread Sheet Cake is a quick-fix thanks to melted butter and no mixer. I love my mixer, but I also appreciate not having to lug it out sometimes. The cake also combines good old self-rising biscuit flour with plain cornmeal for just the right amount of leavening. And I’m all for any much under-appreciated 9 x 13-inch sheet cake. Ease of serving and toting around make up for any lack of glamour.  

Lastly, I don’t often bake with honey as I find the flavor cloying and a waste of good honey (baklava excluded, of course), but the simple buttery honey glaze is subtle and just makes sense, especially for sweet cornbread lovers. I’ll count on this recipe when I need something quick and convenient for a potluck or a brunch buffet instead of the usual coffee cake. 

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