Complainer Oatmeal Cookies

by Min Merrell

A sheet of complainer oatmeal cookies with fewer oats, more flour, and all brown sugar.

I heard the architect Frank Gehry say in a documentary about his design process that he needs to look at a building model for a while and wait to see what irritates him about it.

He’s right. We don’t fix things that don’t irritate us. Creativity and problem-solving require the itch of irritation first.

Lucky me. I hit the irritation itch jackpot with the two interesting young people who live in my house. I lovingly refer to them as the Complainers. Everything irritates them. Everything. Things I never imagined could be irritating irritate them.

Oatmeal cookies are a good example. The Complainers aren’t so wild about mine, which are apparently too oaty and too crunchy. Well all right then, the new recipe has equal amounts of flour and oats (less oaty) and all brown sugar to soften them up a bit. They’re pretty terrific.

Thank you, my Complainers, for once again providing the platform for creativity and the inspiration to do something about it.

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