Clam Pasta

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Clam Pasta, the quick New England dinner. 

It doesn’t matter where you do your “food shoppin” in Rhode Island. Fresh chopped clams are nearly everywhere. Our Stop & Shop in Wyoming has them for $5 a pound and they print a decent chowder recipe right on the side of the tub. The fastest, shortest route to fresh clams for us is chopped over pasta. It’s the first thing we eat when we get to RI. A little olive oil, some garlic, parsley, grated parm, back pepper, and a really cold, crisp, minerally Italian white from Frank Gasbarro on Federal Hill. Broccoli Rabe and garlic a huge plus. We don’t skimp on the clams. Two pounds per pound of pasta and that’s still only 50% of the wine cost. Besides, the casual flawlessness of which this scene reeks is priceless.

Working that glossy summer issue angle, complete with the Le Creuset in the distance. Can you tell we settled for the factory second? No? Good.

The super-sweet Tennessee tomatoes rode with us in a cooler and never once complained.

No kidding. what is going on in that wine glass?

linguini with clams

Okay, here the wine (and the photographer) have settled down a bit.

linguini with clams

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