Chocolate Frozen Custard

by Min Merrell
chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Frozen Custard is made with lots of eggs for richness and ultra creamy texture. 

Eggy rich custard ice cream is one of my go-to favorite desserts to serve dinner guests. I love the purity of little neat scoops served completely unadorned. And I know exactly why and when my appreciation for ice cream minimalism began. My epiphany occurred in Chicago in the mid-1980s at the classic French restaurant Les Nomades, the members-only French fine dining club created by the legendary Jovan Trboyevic.  It’ been open to the public in the same beautiful house on Ontario Street for many years.  Go if you ever get the chance. There’s no shiplap, fancy pendant lighting, techno-music or tattoos, just classy, understated elegance that will never go out of style. It sure made a lasting impression on my 25-year-old unsophisticated self.  So I ordered ice cream for dessert–three little scoops–chocolate, hazelnut, and lemon. I remember it so clearly. Three little scoops of rich, creamy perfection and I don’t even believe in perfection. It needed nothing, but to be savored. No up-selling squirt bottle sauces or sprinklings of distraction. Unfussy simple perfection. 

So when I make ice cream, that little trio of extraordinary scoops is always on my mind. Homemade ice cream is not to be eaten mindlessly in front of the T.V., but as s a purposeful special occasion. Going the extra mile for dinner guests. There’s nothing difficult about the process especially if you have a cool countertop electric ice cream maker. 

However, you must plan ahead. The custard is cooked and must be well chilled, so that takes at least 6 hours to overnight. I use an electric ice cream maker with an insert that must be frozen solid. That takes about 24 hours. Even after the ice cream is processed, we’re not digging in right away. We carefully spoon it into a covered container and put it back in the refrigerator freezer to further firm up for neat scooping. Many good things require planning, this is one of them and it’s worth it.

My basic ratio for about a quart of ice cream custard that works great for an electric ice cream maker is 3 cups of cream, 5 egg yolks and 3/4 cup of sugar. Keep these amounts in mind and you’ll be cooking up all kinds of your own flavors. This Chocolate Frozen Custard recipe is based on the magic ratio with the simple addition of 1/4 cup of cocoa powder. You can vary the kind of cream you like to use according to how rich you want it. Respect the ice cream and serve it mindfully!

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