Chinese Almond Cookies

by Min Merrell
chinese almond cookies

 Only had Chinese almond cookies in a restaurant? You can make them at home.

Happy Chinese New Year. The official start of the lunar year of the rabbit began on February 3.  Whew.  I’m hoping this year will be a little kinder and gentler than last year’s Tiger. In honor of the rabbit, maybe it’s time to unplug a little more often, take note of the goodness around us, and spend a little more time baking.

Start with Chinese Almond Cookies, they look great, taste great, and they’re easy. Usual restaurant/Chinese market cookies are very crisp, thanks to the lard or shortening, without any hint of a buttery taste.  Most don’t even have much almond flavor if you ask me.  But, all have an egg washed sunny golden glow, great for positive thinking and a good attitude. You can use only lard or shortening in the recipe, but I opted for a little of both butter and shortening.

We have great cookie on this website.  Some of my other favorites are Nashville Cornmeal Cookies, Butterscotch Cookies, Almond Cookies made with almond paste, Buttermilk Pound Cake Squares and Cornflake Cookies.

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