Chicken Vegetable White Chili

by Min Merrell

Chicken Vegetable White Chili features tomatoes and plenty of vegetables.  It’s almost like a cross between traditional white bean soup, minestrone, and chili.  Continuing on my convenience and cost-saving winter soup jag, this one is particularly helpful for solving dinner problems.  First and most importantly, everyone loves it.  Secondly, everyone enjoys the garnish options and customizing each serving.  Three, it’s loaded with chicken breast chunks that are lower in fat than traditional beef chili, but just as satisfying and filling.  Four, you can make it meatless.  Five, you can skew toward scratch with your own homemade broth and beans or lean toward convenience with canned broth and beans.  Six, yes, you can add even more vegetables like shredded cabbage or even winter squash or potato chunks. 

Adding the right amount of salt is up you and dependent on whether you went for the convenience of cans.  Soup containing canned beans and broth will likely need a little salt.  If you have access to roasted green chiles, by all means, you know to use them.  Otherwise, folks get those little cans.  Feel free to add some heat in the form of cayenne pepper, Tabasco, salsa, or chopped fresh serranos or jalapenos tossed right into the chili.  

You can’t go wrong with serving cornbread with this chili.  Here’s how to make a great skillet of crispy thin cornbread and here’s our wonderful cornbread waffle recipe.  




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