Chicago Dog Pickled Bologna

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Pickled Bologna Chicago Style

We’re on a roll with pickled bologna!  So slide over the nacho cheese dip and make room for one more app for the big games this month. This ring bologna variation on our more classic recipe incorporates Chicago hot dog-style ingredients.  The brine is enhanced with yellow mustard, celery seed, and pickle relish.

Thinly sliced bologna rings swim around in the brine with narrow slices of onion, dill pickle, and peppers. You’re really in luck if you can find the traditional sport peppers.  Unfortunately they haven’t invented poppy seed-topped saltines yet.

When styled in a mason jar pickled bologna gets pretty fancy in a DIY Pinterest kind of way.  Packed like this it’s easy to tote the jar to a tailgate or to friends’ media rooms for playoff matches.  Don’t forget the fresh sleeves of saltines.  It’s a party touchdown for sure. 

Here’s our classic pickled bologna recipe.


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