Oven Roast Beef in About an Hour–What to Do with an Eye of Round Roast

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Make a one-hour oven roast beef with the eye of round roast. It’s perfect for roast beef sandwiches. Cook it nice and rare and slice it extra thin. A cheater roast beef in the fridge is a great inspiration. The sandwich possibilities are endless.

It’s easier to get in the flow of creative work when you have the right tools and plenty of stuff to play around with. Think of the florist whose creativity is made possible by all the greenery, vases, and flowers within reach. Cooking is the same way. 

A well-stocked pantry and fridge full of leftovers make for great dinner improv and a nice rare roast beef in the fridge is a great start. This Cheater roast beef uses that age-old method of super high heat for 15 minutes for a nice brown exterior. Then reduce the heat for 30 to 45 minutes to slowly roast the meat to doneness. You’ve probably used this method on beef tenderloin. It works just as well with a rump or an eye of round roast at about a third of the price.

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