Cheater Gin–Juniper Vodka Infused at Home

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
how to make juniper vodka

Our Cheater Gin makes an excellent Juniper Vodka Tonic.

One day drinking vodka we thought, hey, let’s infuse it with these juniper berries from that chucrute recipe test and try to cook up some cheater gin? They’ve infused basically flavorless vodka with every other darn thing, from fruits to hot peppers, and rolled it out in a frosted designer glass with cool brand names that make us feel pimp at the bar when ordering. So, we took a lemon and a couple of dollars of juniper berries from Whole Foods and crammed the berries and zest into a liter of Finlandia. We now have lemony, junipery vodka for martinis, and to mix with tonic.

Next time we down-splurge to recession-proof Popov Vodka, we’ll be in martinis for half the price of a Beefeater or Bombay. Cheater gin isn’t really gin, but so what. It’s really good and makes us happy knowing at least something in our lives is actually appreciating in value. Next time we’ll use the berries and much less lemon zest, maybe none. After all, it’s the juniper that makes the thing. And why over-complicate things? For martinis, don’t forget good quality vermouth when picking up the Popov.

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