Cheater Foie Gras Made with Liverwurst

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Cheater Foie Gras is so out it’s in.  Pair it with pimiento cheese on green apple slices for a fun party appetizer. 

Recipes, like everything else fashionable, rise and fall with popular perception. They’re in, they’re out, they’re hot, they’re hopelessly la

Liver has never caught the wave of coolness unless it’s taken from a force-fed goose. Even liver as haute couture foie gras is on the OUT list, branded as inhumane and even outlawed in some places.

Slumming with ready-to-wear liverwurst, on the other hand, is looking pretty fresh. Why shouldn’t it? Liverwurst has plenty in common with foie gras, especially its color and buttery smoothness when it’s blended with cream cheese. Instead of slapping it on rye bread with mustard, serve it with the sweet flavors that commonly adorn foie gras and your perception will instantly change. Cheater Foie Gras is absolutely one of R.B.’s favorite cheater recipes.  



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