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Cheater BBQ

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Living the Liquid Smoke Dream!

We are Mindy Merrell and R.B. Quinn and we cook, eat, and write in Nashville, TN. After years of splitting wood, endless fiddling with smoker vents, and stirring up secret sauces, we’ve grown to appreciate all-natural liquid smoke in a regular kitchen, and a good night’s sleep. We are dedicated champions of barbecue diversity, from the open pit to closed oven and slow cooker.

That’s why we wrote Cheater BBQ.

cheater BBQ, Mindy Merrell and R.B. Quinn


Are you like us and can’t get enough slow cooked smoky barbecue? BUT you…

  • Live in a city where your own smoke stack will get you arrested;
  • Are afraid to make barbecue without suspenders, a moustache, a dancing pig logo on your shirt, and a searing blues guitar soundtrack;
  • Make great barbecue, actually, but it’s just too hot or too cold, and the recliner and big screen are calling your name;
  • Tired of forking over $25 for a rack of restaurant ribs or had enough undercooked brisket from that “real pit barbecue” joint that never smells of smoke…

How are you going to enjoy some ‘que? Get yourself a copy of Cheater BBQ, that’s what and be a kitchen pit master!

The heck with take out! Check out these babies from the oven!

oven ribs, pork ribs

Our Cheater BBQ oven ribs kick ass.

Cheater BBQ is the first cookbook to stake out the middle ground between the outdoor pit and the everyday kitchen. No matter your lifestyle, your skills or the weather, Cheater BBQ is your answer for feeding friends and family great barbecue-style menus at home, on the lake, at the tailgate, on the set, in the RV, or in the Hamptons.

Cheater BBQ handily brings indoors favorite smoking and grilling techniques, but without lighting a match. For starters try a pile of Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork, Cheater Spares, Low and Slow Texas Oven Brisket, add a few tasty barbecue-friendly sides, and finish things off with a round of Oven S’Mores.

Cheater BBQ requires little more than regular cheap supermarket cuts of meat, an oven or an electric slow-cooker, a roll of aluminum foil, some basic spices and a sauce, and some all-natural liquid smoke. Oh, and the willpower to leave the barbecue alone and go do something else for while. Everybody knows a weekend backyard beer and smokefest is a blast, but it’s hard work having all that fun and you never know when you’ll get around to feeding everybody. Truth is, outdoor barbecue isn’t always possible, practical, or even your kind of thing.

Cheater BBQ helps anyone living regular life make barbecue at home on their own terms, according to their lifestyle, their cooking skills, their equipment, and the weather.

Cheater BBQ goes anywhere, anytime in any weather! Everyone needs choices.

With Cheater BBQ, you decide. Now click on that book cover put in your order. Makes the perfect gift for all occasions!

Be a Kitchen Pit Master!

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Get the Straight Scoop About Natural Liquid Smoke

Get the straight scoop about natural liquid smoke!