Candy Lab Homemade Marshmallows as Seen on Chopped

by Min Merrell

The funny and unexpected thing that happened after my episode of Chopped aired were the inquiries about those fluffy white squares that I made in my kitchen for the B roll segment of the show. My son Louis Dunn shadowed our camera crew so closely that day that they finally surrendered and allowed him a cameo, which actually made the final cut. Those little squares were marshmallows. 

Candy Lab Homemade Marshmallows are inspired by my Virginia Tech food lab in college. I loved lab class! We made all kinds of variations of things altering ingredients and amounts,  so we’d really know how the recipe worked. To this day I continue to refer to my tattered 7th edition Foods textbook and lab manual co-authored by my Foods and Nutrition professor Dr. Jean Phillips. If Dr. Phillips could only know just how far a marshmallow can take you.

I love the laboratory feel of candy making. If you are new to it, one thing you must own and become comfortable with is a candy thermometer. It’s just a thermometer, a simple tool so you’ll know the temperature of the sugar syrup. Big deal.  

Marshmallows are a great place to start in candy world. These little pillows, really just sugar syrup gelatin, never fail to wow people.  You can alter the flavoring as you like. And actually, get really fancy with them. Have fun and keep cooking.

how to make marshmallows

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