Buttermilk Goddess Dressing

by Min Merrell
buttermilk goddess dressing

Buttermilk Goddess Dressing is just one of the many reasons why I really appreciate my Cuisinart. My getting-older early 1980s model is a heavy-duty workhorse of an appliance. The motor runs like a dream, but I’ve replaced the work bowls a couple of times when they finally crack beyond repair. Not until I used a modern version the other day did I fully realize how solid and powerful my old boat anchor truly is. In weight alone, it’s like comparing a 1960’s Lincoln Continental to a Honda Fit. Now, I get it.   

A Cuisinart is an important tool for making Buttermilk Goddess Dressing, a tangy, creamy combo loaded with fresh herbs. We served this dressing over beautiful platter salads of Tennessee spring lettuces, sliced radishes, and crisp sugar snap peas topped with our Onion Cracklin’ Cornbread Croutons at the Nashville Les Dames d’Escoffier 2017 Tour De Farm fundraiser dinner.

The process is simple, and all about the balance of flavors. First, whiz up the herbs with garlic and mayonnaise in the food processor, then stir in the buttermilk. I like the addition of lemon zest and a little lemon juice for extra tang. Use whatever herbs you’ve got handy (springtime is ideal for including lots of fresh mint). Plenty of black pepper and salt are a must. Treat this recipe as a guideline and adjust things to suit you (i.e., make it less rich with less mayo and more buttermilk).  

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