What to do with Brisket Fat – Brisket Butter and Green Beans

by R.B. Quinn
what to do with beef brisket


What to do with brisket fat. That’s a nice problem to have. Plenty of things, if you see it like bacon fat.

Start with some quick-nuked fresh green beans and fold in bits of brisket, and its butter.

Chop up bits of salty, peppery, smoky, crusty, beefy brisket with its thin silky fat cap and it beat the pants off a ham hock. It may be the ethanol of ingredients. Just like good country ham, a little smoked brisket packs a punch.

Like the chilled salumi-like brisket in our Texas Beef Brisket Served Cold post, less, more powerful meat on a plate has made us rethink the whole “everybody gets their own steak” approach to SUV-style backyard cooking-out. The tiny Ford Euro diesel in America is just a matter of time and what better way to get ready for right-sizing than to hone your home-smoked meat skills.

Judicious applications of smoked brisket and country ham will take you a long way, friends.

The French have goose fat.  We have brisket butter.

brisket fat



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