Bloody Mary Made with Tequila. Use More Lime.

by Min Merrell
How to make a bloody mary

We love bloodies especially a bloody mary made with tequila, not the typical restaurant bar variety made with some brand of unusually viscous bloody mary mix.  That stuff is too sweet, too thick, too much like slurping soup off of ice cubes. Instead, the south-of-the-border bloody mary made with thin-bodied, full-flavored Clamato juice with the added punch and tartness provided by lots of extra fresh lime juice is just right.  Lots of lime, so that the cocktail combines the best characteristics of a bloody mary with those of a margarita.  

Of course, you’ll have to replace the vodka with tequila or a crisp lager beer for a Michelada, the Mexican beer bloody. Our preferred tequila is the cheapest one made with 100% agave you can find.  Our preferred beer is any refreshing, crisp lager, Mexican or not.

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