Blondie Bars

by Min Merrell
blondie bars

Finally, a definitive Blondie Bar recipe that’s chewy, buttery and cuts easily into little squares. 

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Full disclosure: Blondie Bars are here solely for me. I’ve had some kind of block that’s stopped me from figuring out the once-and-for-all recipe for all-purpose blonde brownies that I’ve really needed. I’m forever trying new variations and then forgetting what I did. Usually, I’m whipping something like this up in an emergency situation when I need something really good fast. Write it down?  Well sort of.  I’m in a rush.  Of course, I’ll remember the ingredient amounts and write it all up later. Not.

Good News, I’ve found some messy notes in an old notebook that have finally put this project to rest.  

This terrific Blondie Bar recipe serves all my needs. It’s chewy, buttery, no mixer needed, add chocolate or not, bakes in one batch, and most importantly, cuts beautifully into nice little squares.  I like them small for a cuter look. Isn’t it more fun to have just one more than one big one?  Blondie Bars g everywhere. Kids, fancy ladies, big dudes all love them. Serve them for dessert with ice cream, pass around a plastic bag while tailgating, place them on a silver tray or just fill up the cookie jar. Sometimes you just don’t want to make cookies.

Once again, I love to combine all-purpose flour and self-rising flour eliminating the need to find the baking powder lost in the cabinet.  Forever on my soapbox praising the South’s historically important early convenience product. This particular combo keeps the top flat with not bumped up curbing at the edges.

Like cleaning out the fridge and the satisfaction that provides, what took me so long?  At last, the work is done.  Save this recipe, you’re bound to need it often.


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