Beef Tartare is Now Beef Char-tare

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
beef tartare

Beef tartare at home may seem a little intimidating at first, something better left to the chefs at Husk, Pinewood Social, Rolf and Daughters, 5th & Taylor and Kayne Prime, where beautifully chopped raw beef is the canvas for all kinds of riffs on the classic. This Old World dish is actually an easy make-ahead appetizer. Our beef char-tare tweaks the standard approach with the simple addition of a little charred umami and texture to take advantage of the beautiful October grilling weather.

Making beef tartare is all about a good knife and top quality beef. There’s no falling back on the food processor or you’ll end up with a pasty mess. The meat must be hand chopped into distinct bits, allowing it to fully mingle with the seasonings, delicately enhancing — but not covering — the flavor of the beef.

Beef char-tare makes a lovely first course to enjoy on the patio with ice-cold martinis. Serve on a platter or individual plates with toast points. We’ve swapped the traditional raw egg with a hard-cooked egg garnish, which will put everyone at ease about consuming raw egg.

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