The BBQ Personality Profile Quiz. The Myers-Briggs of Barbecue.

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

The Myers-Briggs of Barbecue.  Just Who Are You?  Be You!

The BBQ Purist Personality Profile


Here’s a purist in action. Doing things the hard way…
Prefer doing most things the hard way.
You and your friends own matching shirts with a cheerful pig logo.
Can tell the difference between hickory, pecan and apple wood chunks.
Enjoy napping under the stars in a folding chair in a parking lot.
Require little sleep.
Think dinner at 11:30 pm is perfectly normal.
Don’t have time for side dishes.
Can’t buy less than 20 pounds of meat at a time.
Interested in air flow engineering.
Hauling and chopping wood is your favorite form of exercise.
Here’s the purist really over doing it.
BBQ Cheater Personality Profile
Think of all the puttering you can do while cheating!
Enjoy an afternoon nap.
Enjoy watching entire games and races on television.
Have many interesting hobbies.
Think a smoke ring comes from a cigar.
Enjoy trying new side dish recipes.
Take an interest in kitchen appliances and know how to operate an oven.
Like having the food ready before guests arrive.
Think “going whole hog” is only an expression.
Refuse to give any brisket 36 hours of your life.
The quiet epicenter while the reformed purist cheats.

Can’t we all just get along?

Common Ground

Always save glass jars for dry rubs.

Always on the lookout for sales on heavy duty aluminum foil and foil pans, and jumbo containers of black pepper, paprika, ketchup, and cider vinegar.

Own a tong collection, a knife collection including a cleaver, and more than one instant-read meat thermometer.

On a first name basis with the meat guys at Sam’s, Wal-Mart, and Costco.

Beer and meat are your favorite food groups.

Know that a butt is actually a shoulder.

Don’t know why everyone else laughs while discussing rubbing and massaging your meat.

Enjoy a lively debate on regional sauces and dry rubs.

Love to eat all kinds of smoky, succulent barbecue!

The purist turned cheater made these fantastic ribs in the oven. Remember, just be yourself.  Be true to your own barbecue.


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