Almond Butter Cookies Made with Almond Paste

by Min Merrell
Almond Butter Cookies

Almond Butter Cookies made with almond paste are my latest obsession. This recipe, and my favorite Nashville Cornmeal Cookies, will be my signature cookies for years to come. I love both because the doughs are super easy to handle and require no rolling out and cutting, so I make them more often. For this style of cookie, you just roll the dough into balls and the balls into sugar, then give them a flattening on the baking sheet. Now they are ready to bake. I don’t even chill the dough. 

Almond paste has always been an exotic baking aisle ingredient for me, one I really didn’t know how to use besides making chewy macaroons, which I love. One day I got the big idea to add some paste to the old shortbread-style jam bar recipe you find on the bag of Martha White All-Purpose flour. Our Cheater Chef recipe Fancy Almond Jam Bars was the happy result. They are beyond terrific.

Please take note of the word FANCY in the title. That’s exactly what almond paste does for a recipe; it makes things a little more chic, a little more Euro, a little more sophisticated. Almond Butter Cookies have it all. They’re easy, fancy, and can’t be beat enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. Don’t expect a snappy crunch, the almond paste makes them chewy. Make a batch and see what you think. 


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