Picnic Patatas Bravas

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
patatas bravas

The “cocktails come first” philosophy launched in Nashville by The Patterson House shows no sign of waning. Dens of Mixology like Old Glory, in Edgehill Village, and Hemingway’s at Ft. Houston keep appearing. Old Glory’s dramatic brick walled, multi-leveled space in the old White Way cleaners’ boiler room is worth a visit for it’s cavernous yet cozy atmosphere, attentive bar, and inventive menu.

With the focus clearly on cocktails, Old Glory doesn’t even have a kitchen, just a nook with running water and a hot plate. No matter, as Chef Rachael Tumerman has curated an evolving little menu that has over time included house cured, smoked and pickled plates and a variety of empanadas to snack on as you anxiously wait and observe the cocktail performance art.

At one point Old Glory offered a plate of smoked fingerling potatoes that got us thinking about a handy picnic version of the popular Spanish tapas patatas bravas, ideal for a backyard hangout. And you only need a microwave and a hot plate to make them.

How about a healthy Spanish gazpacho to go with these!  

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