KettlePizza Video — Let’s Make Some KettlePizza 101.

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

We are having a blast with our Kettle Pizza kit that turns a Weber kettle grill into a wood burning pizza oven. We’ve been making pizza at home for years, and it’s been pretty good, but now it is really good. The KettlePizza kit is a game-changer. Beautiful leopard-spotted crusts matched with fully-melted cheeses and cooked toppings in only a few minutes….fantastic results.

If you love to make pizza, but aren’t going to build the backyard pizza oven, KettlePizza is your answer. 

If you’re starting out with a new KettlePizza kit on your Weber kettle grill, or you like to watch short videos about pizza like we do, here’s our short Let’s Make Some KettlePizza 101 video. It’ll help you get started. Hope you’ll take a look and keep enjoying the pizza journey. 

Whether you make your own dough, get it from a supermarket or pizzeria, or just want to toss in some take & bake pies, the wood oven treatment you get from KettlePizza isn’t possible from any other equipment we know. Better still, you don’t heat up your kitchen with a hot oven to cook the pies. 

KettlePizza. Made in the U.S.A. Check it out. 

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